Logistic Regression Part 1

Introduction The logistic equation. Performance of Logistic Regression Model. Setting up Example 1 Modeling ROC and cutoff point AUC References [Read More]
Tags: classification, regression, tidyverse, ROC, AUC

Mushroom Classification - What makes them edible?

Import the data Tidy the data Understand the data A. Transform the data A. Visualize the data A. Modeling A. Use of Regression Tree A. Use of Random Forest A. Use of SVM Communication [Read More]
Tags: CART, RandomForest, Classification, SVM

Text classification in R with Amazon Reviews

Introduction of text analysis with R. First method using the tm and caret package Simple example Text pre-processing Create the model and use it for prediction Second example on Amazon Reviews Pre-processing Conclusion Second method with RTextTools. Let’s start easy with some simple text First example with easy data Text... [Read More]
Tags: Linear Classification, caret, RTextTools, SVM, Text Mining

Quantitative Trading with R by H. Georgakopoulos

Chapter 1

This post is a personal summary & interpretation of the first chapter of the Quantitative Trading with R book by H. Georgakopoulos. Although we have been using R for a shortwhile we still found quite a few good nuggets of learning in this chapter. [Read More]
Tags: Book_Review, quantmod, ggplot2, dplyr