My name is François de Ryckel. I have grown up in Belgium then I emigrated from there to finish up my study and start working. I lived in several places over the last 15 years. I’m a math / philosophy teacher with some stunts at business. I created 2 companies in Zambia: a fruits farm and a fresh produce trading company.

  • Lived in Paris, France, for 2 years to complete my undergrad and start my master
  • Lived in Freiburg & Leipzig, Germany, for 3 years to complete my master and do some teaching gigs at Alliance Française, Leipzig Universitat and Leipzig International School
  • Lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh to teach at the International School Dhaka
  • Lived in Zambia for 9 years to teach math, stats and philosophy at the American international School of Lusaka. I also started a citrus & mangoes farm (over 9,000 trees) and a produce (fresh fish, fruits, and meat) trading company
  • I am currently living in Saudi Arabia as math teacher on the KAUST university Campus (

my interests?

As a teacher, I’m always looking for good examples to incorporate in my practices.
Lately I am especially interested in machine learning applications in finance. A summary of my data science journey can be seen in my “book” ( I have created a few finance data science projects: