Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river

Caluclate Rate of Change, aka ROC Tidyways …. The TTR way Conclusion Calculate Simple Moving Average TTR package the Zoo package RcppRoll package RollingWindows The Roll package Conclusion [Read More]
Tags: tidyverse, xts, zoo, RccpRoll, RollingWindows, ROC, benchmark

Using the purrr package to write children book

Some time back in the #rstat twitter-verse, there was a silly challenge thrown out there to see who could use the map functions from the purrr package to write one of the famous children book. It did took me quite a while to have it right to the punction and... [Read More]
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Logistic Regression Part 1

Introduction The logistic equation. Performance of Logistic Regression Model. Setting up Example 1 Modeling ROC and cutoff point AUC References [Read More]
Tags: classification, regression, tidyverse, ROC, AUC

Mushroom Classification - What makes them edible?

Import the data Tidy the data Understand the data A. Transform the data A. Visualize the data A. Modeling A. Use of Regression Tree A. Use of Random Forest A. Use of SVM Communication [Read More]
Tags: CART, RandomForest, Classification, SVM