What's in a rating? A Crunchy EDA.

Introduction and aim Correlation Regression Diagnostics. Conclusions Zachs Challenge ;-) Anova & checking Assumptions Assumption of normality Assumption of homogeneity of variance Test performance Acknowledgements References [Read More]
Tags: tidyverse, caret, ANOVA, Shapiro-Wilk, Homoskedasticity

Comparing Models with the Wisconsin Breast Cancer dataset

Import the data Tidy the data Understand the data Transform the data Pre-process the data Using PCA Using LDA Model the data Logistic regression Random Forest KNN Support Vector Machine Neural Network with LDA Models evaluation References [Read More]
Tags: tidyverse, caret, PCA, Logistic Regression, SVM, Random Forest, KNN

Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river

Caluclate Rate of Change, aka ROC Tidyways …. The TTR way Conclusion Calculate Simple Moving Average TTR package the Zoo package RcppRoll package RollingWindows The Roll package Conclusion [Read More]
Tags: tidyverse, xts, zoo, RccpRoll, RollingWindows, ROC, benchmark